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Anyone Can Cook A Delicious Curry With Bit Spicy

Home-cooked curry need not be labour-intensive. We provide the spices; you provide the other simple ingredients,most of which you should have in your kitchen anyway! We give you the recipe for Your Secret Sauce, which is the  basis of most curry. A simple concoction of onion, garlic and ginger, it makes cooking curry straightforward and delicious! We often are asked why we don't sell the Secret Sauce, and the answer is that we don't want to insult your intelligence or cooking ability! This is all about fresh home-made food!

So visit our shop for our full spice range.

Or go to our cookbook for all our recipes. Here we give you ideas for meals which don't involve lots of spices but will complement the bitspicy Range. Take a look at our kulfi recipe, our Pad Thai or our cheesy corn bread. These are all things we  often cook and eat ourselves, so these recipes are regularly updated as we tweek the ingredients and play around with new ideas.

Curry of the month is our Indonesian Beef, Padang-style. This is a very hot coconut curry which, when slow-cooked with beef (or lamb or venison), makes a delicious thick, creamy sauce. Star anise and dried lime leaves in the blend make this a very unusual dish.

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