Your Secret Sauce

Your Secret Sauce

Discover The Secret

The secret to utterly simple and utterly delicious curry is our secret sauce.

There are two versions.

Indian version - see our secret sauce product page for details.

South East Asian version - use shallots instead of onions (so 5 or 6 for each onion) and galangal instead of ginger. There really is a difference in flavour, but if you can't get the galangal fresh you may be able to buy it in a jar and add a couple of heaped drained tablespoons to the shallot and garlic puree. Otherwise stick to the ginger as it will still be delicious! This is supposed to be about easy but proper curry-cooking at home, not making you feel inadequate!

The other secret

Hardly a secret: just cook the sauce slowly! Recipes which say they are ready in 20 minutes are the ones using fresh ingredients. Stir-fry meals are the perfect example, and we have lots of recipes in our cookbook section. But our curries (and our lovely chilli con carne) benefit from a slow cook. At least an hour for the sauces before adding fish, chicken or vegetables, and longer for slow-cooking red meat. If at all possible, cook the sauce the day before and leave to rest before preparing your meal. The flavours will develop, the lemongrass in our Indonesian curries will mellow and soften, and best of all, it's far more relaxing for the cook!