Satay - Indonesian Spicy (heat 4/10)

Satay - Indonesian Spicy (heat 4/10)
Serves: 4-6

A delicious and quite spicy blend, with a strong flavour of lime leaves. The beef does not have to be top quality as long at it is hammered very thin indeed (30g net). 


  • 1 packet Indonesian spicy satay mix
  • 1 tbsp groundnut oil
  • 700g/1.5lb beef steak
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • Juice 1 lime
  • 125ml  coconut cream


  1. Using a meat mallet or rolling pin beat the beef very thin (maximum 2mm), then cut into strips about 2cm by 4cm
  2. Mix the spices, oil, lime juice and sauces to make a paste.
  3. Smother the meat with the paste and leave for several hours or overnight.
  4. When ready to cook, thread the meat onto skewers (previously soaked in water for a couple of hours to prevent burning).
  5. Cook under the grill or on the barbeque, basting with the paste, until nicely browned. This will only take a few minutes on each side. Overcooking will toughen the meat.
  6. Serve with diced cucumber and peanut sauce (find our recipe HERE).

Cook's Notes

  1. Soak the whole length of the skewer as it is the exposed end, which gets burnt!
  2. Equally good with lamb or chicken – this does not need to be as thinly beaten.

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