The BIG BAG in a box

The BIG BAG in a box

Here is the bulk purchase option for any of our spice range. Simply click to order and fill out the 'Send us your comments' section below, telling us which blend you require. It will be delivered in a re-sealable bag in a smart Bitspicy box (although if you are going for the 3 Chilli Phall it will arrive in 2 bags as usual: one for the delicious spice blend and one full of hideously hot ground chillies!). NB we prepare these specially so please allow a day's delay in your order  Net 300-400g, depending on product


10 x normal spice carton's contents


A couple of heaped tablespoons-worth of spice should equate to the normal 35/40g recommended weight for one of our standard cartons serving 4-6 people, but feel free to weigh it out! 

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