We have included a selection of vegetarian/vegan recipes in our repertoire. Not only are they delicious in their own right, but they can also make a banquet when several are presented together, with or without meat options.

All our spice ranges are suitable for any diet, with the exception of our massaman curry, which contains prawn powder.

The chilli con veg uses exactly the same spice mix as the meat version, just a different vegetarian recipe. This actually applies to the majority of our spice mixes, so you could easily have a vindaloo bean curry by following our recipe but using the Goan Red (vindaloo) mix! We particularly like the veggie version of our Indonesian Aceh chicken, which has a creamy, thai-like flavour and combines lemongrass, soy sauce and lime leaves (this last is in the mix). Also amazing is the North Indian meatballs blend- have a look at the Cook's Notes under the recipe. However, a couple of our blends are best served as we recommend, as we have regretfully discovered! Stick to the recipes for Auntie Ang's Chinese curry and the Burmese curry!

The other vegetarian recipes are all curries, and can be served on their own or as part of a combination of different curries.

For a full Vegetarian Recipes product list with heat ratings please see below.