South East Asian

South East Asian

South Asian food has stolen the limelight over the years in the UK, with most of the nation’s favourite meals being found in a Bangladeshi restaurant in every town centre. We are now trying to focus far more on the subtle flavours found in South East Asian cookery; namely dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia.

The food from these countries tends to be very simple but very hot. We have toned down our recipes to accommodate the western palate, but feel free to add extra chopped chillies (always with the seeds in – that’s where the true heat, or capsicum, is!).

Our dishes, such as the Singapore Seletar Yacht Club curry and Auntie Ang’s Chinese curry, are based on Andrew's own experiences of living in Singapore as a child. We have attempted to reproduce the distinctive flavours with ingredients you would not expect in a curry, but will all find in your cupboards or local shop, such as soy sauce or tinned pineapple.

The satay has been recreated to the best of the Anderson brothers' recollections. An old Malay man would arrive on his bike at their gate in Singapore, ringing a bell to announce his arrival, and firing up his charcoal brazier using a rattan fan. He always cooked beef or lamb, although we have included a chicken recipe. When they had made their purchases from his portable grill he would pack it all away on his bike-rack, and cycle off to the next house, surprisingly without ever catching fire! Their father would occasionally hire him for parties. As a Muslim he would only accept lemonade to drink, but never finished the bottle, as that would have implied that he had not been offered enough!

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