Andrew spent nearly a year travelling around Mexico and the US in his twenties, and his tastebuds were awakened to the different chillies and their uses.

We have included chilli con carne in this section although it is of course texmex ie from north of the border! No true Mexican would consider this a national dish!

Americans love a chilli cook-off, and one lesson he learned was the addition of sour cream, not only as a side dish but stirred into the chilli and cooked to give a creamier and tangier taste.

Tacos are street food, made from cheap corn tortillas. These are traditionally soft, not brittle, and can be wrapped around the filling as the perfect tidy finger food.

We have created a special taco menu using chillies from different parts of Mexico. You can see for yourselves how flavour and heat can change a simple food in so many different ways! We have created versions for minced pork and shredded or minced chicken as well as the more usual beef.

Fajitas are also seen as texmex food, but are found in northern Mexico. We have developed different flavours/heat levels to suit all tastes.

For a full Mexican product list with heat ratings please see below. And check out our accompanying recipes, especially how to make pulled pork using our chipotle taco blend.