From student life onwards, over the years Andrew has been on a perpetual journey to re-create the flavours of food his family ate in his well-travelled childhood.

At Bit Spicy we concentrate on ground spices to enhance your food, but there are many other recipes using ingredients obtainable anywhere, which will impress your guests and be eaten by the fussiest of children! These are the dishes which don't need the complicated combinations of spices. You might call them the cottage pie of Indian or SEA cuisine! Try the sweet and sour, Singapore-style or the Char Sui.

We are also including recipes which enhance the dishes produced by our spice mixes - the raita is the best way to help a hot curry slip down if you feel you have bitten off more than you can chew! And finish off with a small but soothing portion of kulfi. And our barbeque recipe section uses lots of our spices to make gorgeous summer food

Our fresh tomato salsa, lime and avocado salad and corn bread recipes will mean that a mild chilli con carne for the whole family can be pepped up to a regular chilli-fest for the household show-off!

Check out these and other gems by selecting one from the left hand menu. And take a moment to admire the photos! These are the ones we take ourselves seconds before tucking in. So yes, we do eat our own food - all the time!